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A hero and a villian

This one was hard to swallow, even for me. I am used to reading about some housing authority fussing about a veteran’s flag, or some uneducated punk pulling one down. But to hear a member of the US Marines burned a fellow vet’s flag is too much for me.

It is beyond words to express my revulsion at this, so I’ll say all there is to say. To the unnamed Marine that did this, you sir are a disgrace. Though I thank you for your service, you have embarrassed the Corps and your fellow Americans alike. I hope the upstanding valor of the victim will bring remorse to your heart and you will learn from your vile actions.

If you watched the video, you will know what I mean when I say the victim of this crime has once again showed his patriotism and heroism in defending America and the flag of our nation, as well as what it cost to fly that flag today.


About Dave Dunmire

I'm an aspiring freelance writer with a focus on my local area and community development. I enjoy writing about all types of history, as well as parenting, outdoor activities, and the like. I am a Christian man who believes that the Bible is cold hard fact and that it is applicable to an individual’s daily life. The foundations of my faith will be apparent in my writings, and I will make no apology for them.



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